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How to distinguish between true and false NMN

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Update time : 2015-04-28 15:12:46

In 2013, Professor David Sinclair of Harvard Medical School discovered that NMN can fight aging and prolong healthy life. Subsequently, a large amount of capital and scientific research power poured in, whether it is animal experiments or human clinical experiments, it has been confirmed that NMN can repair the body damage caused by aging.

Unscrupulous merchants have also sensed the business opportunities and wanted to take advantage of it to make huge profits. As a result, shoddy phenomena are proliferating in the market.

Some merchants fill chemically synthesized NR, vitamin B3, xylitol, yeast extract or nicotinamide derivatives in capsules, pretending to be NMN, and let consumers pay IQ tax; even more under the guise of cross-border e-commerce The so-called "imported" products from the United States and Australia are actually black heart factories directly canning into capsules with unknown chemical raw materials, posing as NMN!

These behaviors have severely damaged the economic interests of consumers, and even threatened the health of consumers. At present, relevant domestic departments have noticed these problems, and it is estimated that the market will be rectified after Double Eleven.

So, how can we choose the real NMN products from the mixed products? We still provide some suggestions for everyone based on scientific methods.

NMN full name β-nicotinamide mononucleotide

At present, many foreign health care products processing factories do not understand the characteristics of real NMN raw materials. In order to reduce costs, they usually use chemically synthesized NMN raw materials or NR raw materials. At the same time, in order to increase multi-effect functions, they are combined with some other herbal ingredients to make "compound" products. , Such as resveratrol, rhodiola and epimedium, these are all wrong

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